About the Repository

Powered by Tambayayong Mainit, Inc. and community volunteers, this repository is a knowledge base of things related to Mainit, Surigao del Norte. The collection includes sources relating to the "historical" Mainit (that also encompassed other neighboring areas), Mainit Lake, Mainit's peoples (whether in Mainit or those in diaspora), its environment, cultures, governance, education, agriculture, health. Anything that directly or indirectly refers to "Mainit" or provides context or depth to related documents and artifacts, is a candidate for archiving here.


Contributions are most welcome! To generate the metadata for the items you seek to contribute, you may use Zotero and send us the BibTeX file of your collection. The alternative is to create an account on this site and, on the Manage Deposit page, add new entries and process them individually till every entry gets deposited for review. If you need any help, contact us. See also "Tips for eLib Contributors".

Wishlist: pictures and documents (correspondences, notes, etc.) relating to major events like Typhoons Nitang/Ike (1984), Ining/Louise (1964), Puring/Nell (1993); earthquake on May 1, 1979; the market fire of 1980; pictures or documents relating to LYAPA and other performance groups; pictures or documents relating to the daily life of the community (goods found in the market - photos taken at monthly interval to capture possible seasonality, photos taken during "tabo" or market day); photos of old transportation; important municipal and barangay legislations; photos of old churches before Nitang; native games; the Mamanwas; important pictures and documents in the family "baul" (trunk).

Contact Information

Any correspondence concerning this specific repository should be sent to contact@tambayayong.mainit.org.