Indigenous Religion, Institutions and Rituals of the Mamanwas of Caraga Region, Philippines

Tomaquin, Ramel D (2013) Indigenous Religion, Institutions and Rituals of the Mamanwas of Caraga Region, Philippines. Asian Journal of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, 1 (1).


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The Mamanwas, one of the IP communities of Caraga region. Said to be one of the original settlers of Caraga and considered the Negrito group of Mindanao. Only very few literatures and studies written about them. Despite of massive acculturation of other IP groups of the region such the Agusan-Surigao Manobos, the Mansaka/Mandaya, Banwaon, Higaanon and Talaandig. The Mamanwas still on the process of integration to Philippine body-politic. It is in this scenario they were able to retain indigenous religion, institutions and rituals. Thus the study was conducted. It covers on the following sites: Mt. Manganlo in Claver, Lake Mainit in Alegria both Surigao Del Norte, Hitaob in Tandag City, Lubcon and Burgus in Cortes and Sibahay in Lanuza of Surigao Del Sur respectively. The study used ethnographic method with strict adherence of the right of pre- informed consent in accordance with RA 8371 or Indigenous Peoples Right Act of 1997. It can be deduced from the paper that despite of socio- cultural changes of the IP’s of Caraga the Mamanwas were able to retain these practices but for how long? Moreover, socio-cultural change is slowly taking place in the Mamanwa social milieu. Preservation of these worldviews is wanting as a part of national heritage and for posterity.

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