Sustainable Fisheries Management Program for Lake Mainit Phase II. Comprehensive Resource Assessment Final Report

MSU at Naawan Foundation for Science and Technology Development, (2009) Sustainable Fisheries Management Program for Lake Mainit Phase II. Comprehensive Resource Assessment Final Report. Project Report. International Fund for Agriculture Development.


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Lake Mainit is an important shared resource of Agusan Norte and Surigao del Norte, distinguished as the deepest (219.35 meters) and fourth largest (17,060 ha) lake in the Philippines, with a shoreline of 62.1 km long and a watershed area of 87,072 ha. Twenty- eight river tributaries contribute to the water volume of Lake Mainit, which is drained by a single outlet – the 29 km Kalinawan River that flows into Butuan Bay. Earlier studies conducted in 1980-81 by Pauly, et al. (1990) and in 1997-98 by Galicia & Lopez (2000) showed that Lake Mainit supports a high diversity of aquatic fauna and a thriving freshwater fishery. On the other hand, the lake and river fisheries are rapidly being depleted due to unsustainable or destructive fishing practices, too many fishers, highly diversified fishing technology, and lack of enforcement of fisheries and environmental policies. Income from fishing is no longer sustainable in many areas, and lakeshore communities fear that rare and endemic fishes in the lake will be lost due to overfishing. Lake Mainit has rich aquatic resources that can be developed to optimize economic benefits to surrounding communities, however, fisheries management interventions are necessary in order to conserve the lake resources, protect remaining biodiversity and sustain incomes of fishers. The last comprehensive assessment was done more than 25 years ago (Pauly et al. in 1980-81), and effective planning depends on reliable and updated information to guide decision-making and the formulation of a holistic and integrated framework for sustainable fisheries management. The Sustainable Fisheries Management Program for Lake Mainit is a project implemented by the Mindanao State University at Naawan through the MSUN Foundation, Inc. in three phases over a period of three years that started in July 2007. The long-term goals of the project are to establish a comprehensive fisheries management program to sustain its fishery resources, promote equitable access and utilization, and improve quality of life of lakeshore communities through enhanced economic well-being. Among the specific objectives of the project are to a) updated data on aquatic biodiversity of Lake Mainit, b)generate a comprehensive profile on status of the lake and riverine fisheries , c) provide an updated socio-economic profile of fisherfolk around the lake, and d) identify & evaluate existing intervention programs and institutional arrangements prevailing in Lake Mainit. This report presents the results of the Comprehensive Resource Assessment (Phase II) and incorporates the Inception Report prepared under the Rapid Resource Appraisal (Phase I). The SFM Program for Lake Mainit is funded by the International Fund for Agriculture Development-Northern Mindanao Community Initiatives in Resource Management Project (IFAD-NMCIREMP) of the Department of Agrarian Reform (Caraga Region), Lake Mainit Development Alliance (LMDA), and the Philippine Council for Aquatic and Marine Research and Development (PCAMRD-DOST). The report covers the subcomponents of Aquatic Biodiversity and Fisheries Assessment, Population Biology and Stock Dynamics, and Socio-Economics and Intervention Programs. Highlights of the results had been presented to the Lake Mainit LGUs at the SFM Planning and Validation Workshop on October 22, 2008. Comments and suggestions from the validation workshop had been incorporated in the final report.

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