CSU goes to International Mamanwa Dialogue Symposium

Caraga State University, (2014) CSU goes to International Mamanwa Dialogue Symposium.

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Additional Information: Topics include: The Present Situation of the Mamanwa: Pejorative Terms Used toward the Mamanwa and How They are Treated by Christian Lowllanders, Impact on Large-Scale Mining and other Environmental Hazards on the Mamanwa Ancestral Lands Resulting in the Population Displacement and Dispersal, Changes Noted in the Lifestyle and Attitudes of the Mamanwa in Barangays Taganito, Urbiztondo, Toya-toya Affected, Mamanwa – The First People of the Philippines: The Genetic Origins of the Mamanwa and their Contribution to the Formation of Early Filipino Civilization; the Escalon Man; and the Issues of the Human Rights of Hunter-Gatherers, The Human Skeletal Remains from the Escalon Cave [Escalon Man], Surigao, Mindanao, the Philippine, A Scratch on the Surface: Filipino Population Genetic Story and Genetic Perspective on the History and Demography of the Mamanwa of Surigao, The Philippine State and Indigenous Peoples, Culture Change among the Mamanwa People, Geo-Mapping: Site Locations of the Mamanwa Villages in Surigao del Norte and Other Provinces, Mamanwa Rights Guaranteed by the IPRA Law, Indigenous Religion, Institutions, and Rituals of the Mamanwa of the Caraga Region, A demographic Study: Census of the Mamanwa Population (Is the Population Increasing or Decreasing?), Lessons from the Multicultural Experience of Australia in Relation to the Australian Aborigines, Impact of the IPRA Law in Mamanwa Life Change, Revisiting Mamanwa Language Studies, Music and Arts of the Mamanwa of Surigao and Agusan Provinces, Manobo Intermarraige: It’s Effect on the Bloodline of both Peoples and their Respective Ancestral Domain Claims, From Assimilation to Multiculturalism with Empowerment: Reversing 400 years of Assimilation Policy toward Non-Christian Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines, Beyond Multiculturalism Empowering the Mamanwa as the First People of the Philippines.
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