Dumanig, Francisco Perlas and David, Maya Khemlani (2012) THE MAINTENANCE AND PRESERVATION OF THE SURIGAONON LANGUAGE IN CYBERSPACE. Literacy for Dialogue in Multilingual Societies. p. 19.


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The number of speakers of the Suriganon language in the province of Surigao del Norte, Philippines is slowly decreasing due to the intrusion of major languages such as English, Cebuano, and Tagalog (Dumanig, 2006). These languages are used in official domains of communication in schools, church services, and government transactions. In sharp contrast, the Surigaonon language is used only in the home and other informal domains of communication and is frequently used orally, usually when talking with friends and family members. Moreover, the above-mentioned three major languages are commonly used in the written form particularly in printed and online newspapers, and orally heard in news stories on the radio and in church services. Because of their dominance, a number of Surigaonon people read these languages in print and online media. The presence of the three major languages threatens the Surgaonon language. Consequently, a Surigaonon website has been developed in the town of Gigaquit, Surigao del Norte to help in maintaining and preserving the Surigaonon language. The creation of a website where Surigaonon speakers can communicate and interact with each other using their own mother tongue might help the younger generations and other Surigaonons who have migrated to other places in the Philippines and other countries to preserve and maintain the language. It is, therefore, the focus of this study to examine how the Surigaonon language is maintained by means of cyberspace and to explore the benefits of creating such a website. A total of 50 Surigaonon website users were interviewed online and asked how the website helps in maintaining and preserving the language. These findings can be useful in initiating a new project and strategy to help in the maintenance and preservation of the Surigaonon language and other minority languages in the region. Key words: Surigaonon language, language maintenance, cyberspace, oral vs. written, multilingualism

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